Projects that really make a difference

For carbon offsetting and tree planting to really make a difference, you need to fund the right projects.
We only partner with the best in the business – the United Nations, Gold Standard, and Eden Reforestation Projects. 

The projects we choose.

We don’t do half measures. There are important industry standards for carbon offsetting and we don’t bother with anyone who doesn’t meet them.

To offset your carbon footprint, we only fund projects that are certified by either the United Nations or Gold Standard. Think of these like two bouncers at Berghain. They don’t just let anyone in. They’ve got strict criteria. 

And it’s the same with tree planting. We don’t mess around here either. We only plant trees with Eden Reforestation Projects. It was a no-brainer for us to partner with them and it was a proud moment when we did.

They put their heart and soul into every tree they plant, but they care just as much about the person planting it too. 

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The 6 types of projects that offset your carbon footprint:


1. Wind

Wind power uses the power of the breeze to create clean electricity. Large or small, we only support projects that wouldn’t have happened otherwise.


2. Sun

Solar uses the heat of the sun to create energy. From big solar power plants to heating stoves, it’s cheap, carbon-free power suited to sunnier countries.


3. Water

The crashing of waves or waterfalls can create massive energy, and it can be harnessed mainly by building dams. Ideal in hilly or mountainous places.


4. Biomass

This uses organic materials (plants and animal waste) to create energy. So stuff that would’ve been left to rot, is made use of. Smelly but effective.

5. Carbon capture and storage

Industrial processes capture the most harmful gases like methane, trap it, and convert it to less harmful gases over time. They’re still working out whether it can work at an industrial scale. We fund more proven local and natural solutions. 


6. Planting carbon-eating trees

The classic. Think back to your high-school science lessons and you’ll probably remember that trees convert CO2 into oxygen. They can even make whole ‘sinks’ of the stuff over forests. Trees are brilliant. We absolutely love them. 

Here's what we're currently supporting

Wind Power in Mongolia

Clean Energy LLT has created the first grid-connected wind farm in Mongolia, providing renewable and clean energy to replace the use of polluting fossil fuels,

Hydroelectric Power in Northern Honduras

Global Climate’s mission is to support projects that provide clean and sustainable energy like solar, wind and hydropower. Their hydroelectric power plant in Northern Honduras

Solar Cookers for Refugee Families in Chad

Over 200,000 Sudanese citizens have fled to neighboring Chad to escape the war in Darfur. The Fair Climate Fund has equipped these refugee families with solar-powered cooking stoves. This gives them a safer and easier way to cook, and stops open fires polluting their camps and the atmosphere.

Eden Reforestation Projects

Eden Reforestation Projects is a is a 501c3 non-profit whose mission is to provide fair wage employment to impoverished villagers as agents of global forest


If it’s done properly, yes.

There’s rightly a lot of concern about whether projects would be happening even without additional funding by people who specifically want to offset their carbon footprint. 

Projects also need to lock away carbon for good, otherwise it’s just delaying the inevitable (and that’s not good enough).

Making a real difference means supporting new projects that wouldn’t have happened otherwise and getting guarantees that it’s going to have permanent impact.

We only support projects that are independently verified by Gold Standard and the United Nations who guarantee these sort of accreditations. Both of these highly-trusted institutions give our members the peace of mind that the projects they choose have been highly scrutinised and proven to be making a real difference to the world.  

However, in addition to protecting the planet, we also do our best to ensure the projects we partner with are also doing amazing things for people who haven’t got the best chances in life. 

We only take our data from world-leading, reputable sources like the World Bank and Our World in Data.  

To make things as simple as possible for you, we use their data on the average British person’s carbon footprint as our benchmark for our ‘Leader’ subscription plan. This is around 8 tonnes of CO2e per year.  

We know that there are many good reasons why some people may only want to offset a smaller part of their footprint, whether that’s based on affordability, their lifestyle, or anything else. The ‘Starter’ plan offsets around half of an average footprint.

We also know there are those amazing people who want to have an even bigger impact on climate change, so the ‘Pioneer’ plan offsets two footprints. 

All you have to do is pick the subscription plan which works for you, and we do the rest.

We love trees, and planting them is a great thing to do. They work wonders for the environment.

We plant trees with each of our three subscription plans and we only partner with the world-renowned Eden Reforestation Projects. 

But while trees are great, climate scientists prefer to keep them out of carbon reduction targets because it’s tricky to measure exactly how much carbon they offset in their lifetime. 

That’s why we plant trees as an additional bonus for you and the planet, but they don’t count towards offsetting your carbon footprint. That’s what the other projects we partner with are for.

We support projects that are most effective in making a real difference to climate change, and people.

They are all over the world and we think that’s a great thing, after all climate change is a global problem. We also only support projects that make a difference to the communities around them, so often these are based in places where poverty and access to clean energy can be a real challenge for people. 

We will be expanding the projects we support over time, so if you like to make any suggestions then we’d love to hear from you at

Let’s put this (incredibly) simply. 

Human beings are causing the world to become hotter by releasing greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. And the hotter the world becomes the more uninhabitable it becomes. Until eventually it won’t be habitable at all. For humans. Wildlife. Trees. Plants. Every living thing. 

The 10 warmest years on record have all occurred since 1998. 9 of those 10 have all occurred since 2005. 2016 and 2020 are the two hottest. Ever. 

This has to change. We have to stop the world getting warmer. And fast. In 2016 the Paris Agreement saw governments from 195 countries commit to limiting this global rise in temperature to 1.5℃. That’s the magic number. And the way to achieve this is by reducing the amount of greenhouse gasses entering the atmosphere. Ideally to 0. 

But this isn’t just down to governments. You have a part to play too. Everyone does.  

The more people like you who reduce their carbon footprint, the more likely we are to avoid climate disasters like extinction, forest fires, heat waves, hurricanes, floods, droughts, water shortages…

There’s no time to lose.

Yes, but we’re about so much more than just offsetting a single flight.

With us, you offset your life, including the flights you take. 

Our Medium and Large packages easily clean up enough carbon to include a few flights a year.

But, obviously, best keep them to a minimum if you can.

Airports are rubbish anyway.

We’re Andy, Emilio and Joe.

We’re not “eco-warriors”, we’re just (somewhat) normal people who first met working at the same company together. 

We started Alter Eco because we care about the state of the world we live in and we want to create a really easy way for people to clean up their carbon footprint and learn how to live more sustainably without having to give up everything they enjoy in life.

Nope. All of your subscription goes to one of two things.

The first is the incredible projects that are helping to take on climate change.

The second is helping to spread the word.

We’re really ambitious about what we can achieve together.

But we need a lot of people to do their bit in order to make a big difference to climate change. The more members we have the bigger the difference we’ll make to climate change.

The best way we can achieve that is by reinvesting our profits back into things like advertising, marketing and customer care.

No, you’re free to do what you like, any old time.

If you’re a bit skint, or you’re deciding to put your money elsewhere, we’re not going to make a big deal out of it.

Just email and let us know.