Wind Power in Mongolia

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Clean Energy LLT has created the first grid-connected wind farm in Mongolia, providing renewable and clean energy to replace the use of polluting fossil fuels, and provide employment opportunities for local communities. 

How it cleans up the planet:

The Salkhit Wind Farm is the very first grid-connected wind farm in Mongolia. The farm uses wind power to generate renewable electricity to meet the growing electricity demand in the region. 

This reduces the need for fossil fuel power plants and so prevents the equivalent of about 180,000 tonnes of CO2 per year.  Being the first project of its kind, it attracts investment and paves the way for similar renewable energy projects to be approved and developed.

Fossil fuels are made up of coal, oil and natural gas, which have formed over millions of years. They’re particularly bad for the environment because they release large amounts of CO2 which then traps heat in the atmosphere and causes global warming.  They are also big causes of air pollution which is bad for people and animals. The latest global targets for reducing warming to 1.5C, requires a 6% annual decrease in fossil fuel production between 2020 and 2030 – and so far it’s only been around 2% per year (UNEP 2020).

How it helps local communities:

The project creates a variety of jobs for local people, from design and development to construction and operation. The work is often technical and highly skilled, giving people the chance to learn sought-after new skills and push the boundaries of their potential. 


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